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Looking to boost your swing speed, lower your handicap, play injury free or simply improve your strength and fitness? Shawn O’Neil Golf Fitness and Personal Training specialises in fitness for golfers, helping you improve your performance through science-based training programmes. Shawn O’Neil is a TPI Level 3 certified + Power level 2 golf and fitness trainer with over 7 years of experience helping golfers of all ages and abilities reach their full potential on the golf course. Shawn has helped countless players take their technique to the next level = golf to the next level, including professional golfers, teaching professionals, international amateur players, US Collegiate players, county champions, club champions, casual weekend golfers and elite juniors.

TPI is the world's leading educational organisation dedicated to the golf performance, with 25 out of 30 of the world’s top professional golfers having a TPI-certified team around them. This means you can trust that our advice is up-to-date and in line with cutting edge research into the relationship between the body and the golf swing.

For us, there are two sides to golf fitness - performance and longevity. We help you improve both by looking at your mobility, stability, strength and speed to boost your clubhead speed and reduce the risk of injury.

Step 1: Assess

Our process always begins with a thorough assessment of your current fitness level and how this affects your swing on the course. Initially, we use a TPI Level 1 Movement Assessment, a certified technique for evaluating your physical limitations and how these impact your golf swing. Later on the training process, we will assess your performance again, this time using the TPI Level 2 Power & Strength Assessment. This will pinpoint exactly where your swing is losing power and distance so we can help you get to where you want to be without causing injury.

Step 2: Plan

With the information gathered from your assessment, we will lay out a bespoke plan to remove your physical limitations and improve your game. Your training plan will be unique to you based on your goals, timeframe and budget. Choose from our in-person and online training and we’ll design a programme that will take your swing to the next level.

Step 3: Train

Training can take place online or in our training facility at The Golf Hub. With your bespoke training regime, we will tackle your limitations with exercises and drills designed to improve specific sequences or strengthen certain movement patterns needed to improve your movement and clubhead speed. Our programmes are results-driven, so we’ll keep a close eye on your progress and make sure you’re on track to achieving your goals.



  • Su Cumming, 6, Northumberland Ladies County Veterans

    I approached Shawn to work with me to help me improve strength, flexibility and stability to reduce my persistent back/leg issues and work alongside my ambition to improve my golf. Following my  initial free assessment I was hooked. Shawn has a fabulous relaxed approach to every session combining his superb in-depth technical physiological, fitness and golfing knowledge he worked with me implementing personal 1- 1 sessions that grow and develop week on week to meet my  individual requirements. He is approachable, flexible and his sessions are motivating, I’ve already begun to see results both on the course and in the improvements in my overall health. If you just want to be fit then Shawn is good  BUT if you want to be fitter and stronger to play golf, increase club head speed and swing balance, then Shawn is great.

    Plus working with Shawn isn’t a chore, I’m not a fan of the gym, so everyone I know is amazed that I actually look forward to going to his sessions!

    Su Cumming, 6, Northumberland Ladies County Veterans
  • Dave Allen, 10

    I first visited Shawn in 2019 and was immediately impressed with his specialist fitness knowledge and how the various aspects of strength, flexibility and balance relate to and affect the golf swing. After an initial overall fitness assessment, he identified certain weak areas that required priority and through his encyclopaedic knowledge of all types of exercise we have focussed on these ever since, together with a holistic maintenance programme. My weekly class is always highly enjoyable, however physically challenging and my general fitness level has improved significantly, as has my clubhead speed together with a reduction of 6 shots off my handicap.

    Dave Allen, 10
  • Libby Bell, Northumberland & England, +1

    When I first started working with Shawn I was very flexible, probably too flexible.  Throughout my sessions we worked on making this stable and getting stronger. This resulted in gaining more power through my golf swing in the correct areas which helped with my swing speed which is now up to 96mph with a driver headed towards 100. I always look forward to my gym sessions with Shawn as they are always varied making it enjoyable and a lot of fun!

    Libby Bell, Northumberland & England, +1
  • Paul Caldicott, +4

    I started working with Shawn last season to build strength and stability into my golf swing. His sessions are both challenging and enjoyable, with parts able to be taken home to keep progressing in between coaching and before practise/playing. This is now transferring into my golf with more consistency, tighter dispersion, and most importantly greater clubhead speed and ball speeds throughout the bag. I’m looking forward to going into the season fit, strong and injury free thanks to Shawn’s golf specific training.

    Paul Caldicott, +4
  • Will Wilkinson, +2

    I started working with Shawn in the summer of 2021, in the past I’ve really struggled with niggles and injuries, however since I’ve started training with Shawn I’ve gotten much stronger, more mobile and more powerful and am happy to say I haven’t even had a niggle! He definitely got me confident in my body again and moving better than ever…both in my golf swing and in general. True legend!

    Will Wilkinson, +2
  • Jonathan Levey, PGA Teaching Professional

    I have worked with Shawn for a little under a year now and have seen dramatic improvements in my strength & mobility. This has translated to improved overall performance in my golf game as my body is no longer struggling to find and maintain movements, which before were either hard or even unavailable to me. Working with Shawn has given me great insight into what my body can actually achieve and I can see a crystal clear pathway on how to achieve it. I’ve also sent numerous students to Shawn for training to help their swings/games. A true ambassador to the TPI theme.

    Jonathan Levey, PGA Teaching Professional
  • Rosie Belsham, Baylor Bears & England Ladies. +6

    When I started working with Shawn my driver speed was around 90mph, earlier this year I was topping 103mph, in real terms that’s 32 yards extra! Also being 2 clubs longer is giving me shorter irons into greens. On top of this I feel so much stronger over the ball & have so much more core stability and mobility that I have better control of my swing and ball flight. Every session is so much fun and he always looks to challenge me. I really look forward to training.

    Rosie Belsham, Baylor Bears & England Ladies. +6
  • Alex Sandilands, 5 Handicap
    After an initial screening Shawn built a bespoke programme. In a short space of time my mobility increased dramatically, followed
    by huge gains in strength in my legs/core, with this plus speed work I have gained 20+ yards. Always a highlight of the week
    and great variability whilst relevant and focused. I learnt a lot about training for golf and what to focus on. Would highly recommend working with Shawn as he will improve your overall fitness and distance on the course
    Alex Sandilands, 5 Handicap
  • Mark Walton, 4 handicapper.
    Training with Shawn just once a week really improved my mobility he really helped me to develop strength in weak body positions.
    This helped solve my ongoing back/hip flexor issues and helped keep my posture during the swing -this in turn improved my length and accuracy. I have no hesitation recommending Shawn to anyone wanting to improve their golf.
    Mark Walton, 4 handicapper.
  • Rosie Belsham, Baylor Bears & England
    When I started working with Shawn my driver speed was around 90mph, earlier this year I was topping 103mph, in real terms thats about 32 yards. I've also gone up 2 clubs giving me shorter irons in. On top of this I feel so much stronger over the ball & have have so much core stability and mobility that i have better control of my swing & ball flight. Every session is so much fun and he always looks to challenge me. I really look forward to training.
    Rosie Belsham, Baylor Bears & England
  • Andy Smyth, scratch golfer
    Working with Shawn didn't just improve the physical elements of my golf swing but gave me an understanding. My lack of hip mobility and shoulder stability was immediately identified and addressed. These improvements have helped me produce a more
    consistent and powerful golf swing.
    Andy Smyth, scratch golfer
  • Peter Jones, +1, past Club Champion Zell Am See, Austria
    After repeated back injuries Shawn was able increase my mobility and strengthen my core and other major muscle groups. By adding power with greater mobility and stability I was able to gain a lot of distance without any back pain. This lead to winning my Club Championship, and hitting my longest drive on the 36th hole! The training also helped a lot with my skiing.
    Peter Jones, +1, past Club Champion Zell Am See, Austria